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How Can You Stop Animal Damage In Its Tracks?

Animal Damage Control is a recent addition of services to property owners who are experiencing wildlife damage to their homes or commercial properties.Animals can do serious damage to homes and commercial structures as well as landscaping. It is not uncommon for a deer to eat every bit of your wild flowers in a single night! Kind of a “now you see them, now you don’t” trick.Most animal damage can be stopped through a number of methods.The animal can be captured and removed. In the case of the deer eating the wild flowers, it will not be captured and removed. A problem like this could involve fencing the area to prevent browsing.To stop animal damage you have to be proactive. Inspect your property frequently and look for signs of damage. Determine what animal is doing the damage and apply the appropriate control methods to stop this damage in its tracks. No pun intended!By being aware of this damage before it gets out of hand, you can save money; perhaps a lot of money by removing the source and preventing another occurrence. Once you have an animal infestation, you are very likely to have another if the holes are not repaired or the entry points covered or sealed.Not only is the physical damage an issue, but the possible diseases wildlife can carry is another reason to keep your property safe from all wildlife.Another thing that is often overlooked is wildlife feeding. You might be feeding the birds or your animals outside, but you might also be feeding squirrels, skunks and raccoons. Once they get accustomed to this food supply, they likely may move into your home! Remove the food and you will go a long way to removing the problem.Many problems can be prevented by installing covers or caps to eliminate animal entry points. Be sure to check local codes for proper recommendations in your area.